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E44 - Next-Level Checkouts for Online Businesses - Meiring De Wet, CheckoutJoy

December 10, 2021 Satwant Phull Episode 44
The Payments Show Podcast
E44 - Next-Level Checkouts for Online Businesses - Meiring De Wet, CheckoutJoy
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In this episode of The Payments Show Podcast, I spoke to Meiring De Wet who is the Founder of CheckoutJoy.

CheckoutJoy is a payment solution that provides advanced international checkout experiences for online businesses.

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Summary of topics discussed:
1.       Challenges with International Payments
2.       Importance of Local Payment Methods
3.       Selling on eLearning Platforms
4.       Automating Digital Workflows
5.       Easier Affiliate Sales
6.       Mobile-first Checkout Pages
7.       Most Popular Payment Gateways in Asia
8.       Quick Sales Funnels and Templates
9.       Unconventional eCommerce and Social Commerce
10.   The Journey: Building CheckoutJoy

…and much more!

- Recorded on 09 Dec 2021
- Host: Satwant Phull, Founder of Digital Money Lab
- Guest: Meiring De Wet, Founder, CheckoutJoy

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The Education Market Opportunity
The Hustle: Challenges with International Payments
Importance of Local Payment Methods
Selling on eLearning Platforms
Poor Workarounds for Selling Internationally
Automating Digital Workflows
Easier Affiliate Sales
Mobile-first Checkout Pages
Most Popular Payment Gateways
Fees and Business Model
International Sales Taxes Made Easy
Best Use Cases for CheckoutJoy
Quick Sales Funnels and Templates
Fast Set Up
Target Customers
Unconventional eCommerce and Social Commerce
The Journey: Building CheckoutJoy
Future Products & Services
Chit Chat