The Payments Show Podcast

EP. 038 – Machine to Machine Payments – Larry Pang, IoTeX

August 16, 2021 Satwant Phull Episode 38
The Payments Show Podcast
EP. 038 – Machine to Machine Payments – Larry Pang, IoTeX
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In this episode of The Payments Show Podcast, I spoke to Larry Pang who is the Head of Business Dev elopment at IoTeX.

IoTeX is a blockchain network for real-world Digital Apps and Digital Assets.

Summary of topics discussed:
1. The $11 trillion revenue opportunity for machine-to-machine payments
2. IOT-based Finance: DeFIOT
3. Micropayments between IOT devices
4. Cashflow directly from devices you own
5. Real-world data to initiate payments and smart contracts
6. Payment tiers using sensor data and metrics
7. Tamper-proofing data, devices and software
8. Interoperability between organizations
9. Verticals: Healthcare, Energy (Carbon Credits), Automotive
10. NFTs and cashflow from digital IP

5m Highlights Version: LinkedIn

- Recorded on 10 Aug 2021
- Host: Satwant Phull, Founder of Digital Money Lab
- Guest: Larry Pang, Head of Business Development, IoTeX

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Solution Overview
The $11 trillion opportunity
Devices, not humans, will be the biggest users
IOT: where the physical and digital worlds meet
Industry Use Cases: Healthcare, Automotive, Renewable Energy
Decentralized Identity
Censorship and KYC
NFTs and Proof of Anything
Sports, eSports and Payments
Open Source
How to work with IoTeX, Startups and Business Models