The Payments Show Podcast

EP. 022 – Real-Time Fraud Prevention – Jimmy Fong, SEON

September 01, 2020 Satwant Phull Episode 22
The Payments Show Podcast
EP. 022 – Real-Time Fraud Prevention – Jimmy Fong, SEON
Show Notes

In this episode of The Payments Show Podcast, I spoke to Jimmy Fong who is the Chief Commercial Officer at SEON.

SEON provides detection tools and solutions to help businesses to reduce the costs, time, and challenges faced due to fraud.

Summary of topics discussed:
1. Real-time intelligence
2. Social Footprint
3. Breaking the Economics for Professional Fraud Rings
4. Connect to 25 networks in under 1 Second via API
5. Payment preferences around the world
6. Addressing Data Breach Fatigue
7. High-risk Sectors: iGaming, Banking, Travel & Ticketing
8. eCommerce Sector
9. Zero Review Time
10. Derive Intelligence from the First Customer Interaction

10m Highlights Version: click here

- Recorded on 13 Aug 2020
- Host: Satwant Phull, Founder of Digital Money Lab
- Guest: Jimmy Fong, Chief Commercial Officer, SEON

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