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Beyond the Password: Prove’s Take on Modern Authentication

March 31, 2024 Satwant Phull Episode 89
The Payments Show Podcast
Beyond the Password: Prove’s Take on Modern Authentication
Show Notes

In episode 89 of The Payments Show Podcast, I spoke to Tim Brown who is the Global Identity Officer at Prove.

Prove is one of the world’s most accurate identity verification and authentication platforms. It is used by thousands of businesses across many industries including e-Commerce, Financial Services, Healthcare and Gaming.

VIDEO and PDF Transcript:
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Summary of topics discussed:
(00:43) - Meet Tim Brown: Global Identity Officer at Prove
(01:02) - The Impact of Prove in Various Industries
(02:04) - Tim' Journey in Biometrics and Identity Verification
(03:34) - The Evolution of Biometric Technology and Its Adoption
(06:25) - Prove's Unique Approach to Identity Verification
(07:01) - Enhancing E-commerce and Financial Services with Prove
(12:48) - Selfie Scans: The Challenges
(15:25) - Profiting from the Future of Identity Verification and Commerce
(21:58) - From Payphone to Prove: The Company's Evolution
(25:05) - Exploring Passwordless Authentication with Prove Auth
(25:23) - The Role of FIDO Alliance in Eliminating Passwords
(26:55) - Understanding Passkeys: A Leap Towards Secure Authentication
(29:34) - Prove's Approach to Identity Verification and Passkeys
(32:24) - The Future of Authentication: Trends and Predictions
(32:40) - Enhancing Business Solutions with Prove's Identity Verification
(33:29) - Impact of Governments on Wallets, Centralisation and Decentralisation
(41:07) - Entertaining Anecdotes from a Career in Identity and Authentication
(45:08) - Final Thoughts and How to Connect with Prove
(47:06) - Chit Chat

- Recorded on 27 Mar 2024
- Host: Satwant Phull
- Guest: Tim Brown, Global Identity Officer, Prove

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